Boy Stuff

So being the proud mama of three little ladies means that most of the crafting I do around here is undoubtedly girly. Pink. Pink and green, pink and brown, or my favourite, pink and pink. So every once in a while I need to get some boy crafting out of my system which is great because I am the proud Auntie of one adorable baby boy.  Max will be celebrating his first birthday at the end of this month which works out perfectly.  After looking around for a sweater pattern that I liked for him and not finding one that I liked I decided to try my hand at creating a pattern. Here’s how it turned out:

Glory apparently had a very quick bout of camera shyness but overcame it rather quickly.

I don’t often make things with skulls on them, mainly because I have girls, but I have figured out a way to adjust the pattern and add a pink bow to each skull in the pattern. I will post the pattern when  I figure out how to show the repeating skull.   I will also post the pink bow version too. Max’s parents are pretty great and I think they will like the skulls. I think that there will be a hat as well but Max’s sister’s birthday is on the same day and I need to get going on her sweater. So wish me luck. Baby is due in 5 days so I’ better get knitting!

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One thought on “Boy Stuff

  1. Love it!!! I’m lucky I have one of each I had such a great time knitting for both of them!!! Now..Well they’re teenagers, the only thing I seem to be knitting is hats….but at least they wear them!!
    Happy Knitting!

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