Organization Station

One of the worst areas of our home to maintain (aside from the kitchen) is the entry way.  It is so small that all it really takes to look like a disaster is a couple of pairs of shoes and a coat left on the floor.   However being a family of 5 it is NEVER just a couple of pairs of shoes and a coat.  If you add in the seasonal goodies like scarves, hats, sunscreen it is constantly  a mess.   In an attempt to control this area I had a great idea.

A couple weeks ago I made a few hanging organizers for our van.  Well they have been working well so far so I decided to add one to the entry way. I used a heavier canvas material that I found in the remnants bin at Fabricland.   As you can see from the picture the lines are on the less than straight side but they will work and it’s harder to notice when it’s hanging.

I also needed a more coat hooks and a bulletin board for displaying school stuff and reminders. I have had this old frame kicking around that a neighbour had given me after a garage sale last summer. I made a quick trip to Home Depot and bought one the sample sizes of paints that the sell for 4.97. Perfect for jobs that require a bit more than the small craft paints from Michaels. I still had lots left for the next project that pops into my mind. I also love this size of paint because they will “color match to whatever sample you take them so you don’t have to worry about finding the right color.

After painting the frame this “Zesty Lime” color I covered a piece of very thick cardboard with cotton batting and then this piece of fabric that also came from the remnant bin. I used a staple gun to attach the fabric section to the frame.  A few coat hooks, one spool of $.50 ribbon and some white thumbtacks and I had this:

When I put the two together this is what I had:

It’s perfect for us and has helped so much with the entry way. I made this fabric covered container and filled it with rice to stop the door from banging against the coat hooks. And of course I needed to make it match. So the fabric is the same as the message board. One more trouble area under control. Woo Hoo! Now to figure out how to get the kitchen to clean itself!


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