Skull Sweater Pattern

So here’s the pattern for the skull cardigan. I have never actually written a knitting pattern before but I wrote each step out as I did it and I believe it’s quite accurate. If you try it and have any questions leave a comment and I will get back to you. If you do try this pattern I would love to see the results.  Please do not reproduce this pattern or sweater for profit. Personal use only please!

I will be posting the girl version in the next week or two.

Yoke Cardigan

Size: This will fit a 2-3 year old.

You will need:

Three colors of
worsted weight yarn.

2 balls Main color
(MC)  Charcoal Grey

1 ball each of
Black (A),  Light Grey  (B),

Circular Needles,
size 4.5 , 29 inches

2 –  Circular needles size 4.5, 16 inches

4 – Stitch markers

2 stitch holders


With MC cast on 72 stitches.  Work 7 rows of K1 P1.Work one row purl.
Switch to A and work two rows of stockinette. Increase 13 stitches as follows
K6 *M1 K5, repeat from * until 7 stitches remain then M1 K6. Purl one row.
Increase 20 stitches across row as follows K4 *M1 K4, repeat from *18 times, M1
K5.  You should have 105 stitches. Work
one row in stockinette. Next row increase 28 stitches across the row as follows
K12 *M1 K3, repeat from * 26 times M1 K6 M1 K6 for a total of 134.

Knit 2, join color B and begin
the skull pattern.  You will repeat the
skull 10 times and have 2 stitches at the beginning and the end of the row to
allow for picking up stitches for the ribbing and button sections.  Work row
one first and remember this sweater is knit from the top down.  After row 16 of the skull pattern  work one row in color A.  In the next row increase 28 stitches evenly
across the row as follows, K13  *M1 K9
repeat from *  26 times.  M1 K12 for a total of 161 stitches.   Work 3 rows of stockinette (in color
A).  In next row  increase 19 stitches as follows: K4 *M1
K9  repeat from  17 times. M1 K4 for a total of 168


3 B B B B B
4 B B B B B B B
5 B B B B B B B
6 B B B
7 B B B
8 B B B B
9 B B B
10 B B B B B
11 B B B B B B
12 B B B B B B
13 B B B
14 B B B B B B
15 B B B B B B
16 B B


      B=Light Grey


In the next row (Wrong Side),
join  B and  begin working the zig zag chart.  After the fourth row work one row in
stockinette in the main color.

Zag Chart

1 A A B A
2 A B B B
3 B B MC B







In the next knit row knit to the
first marker and place the stitches between the 1st and second
markers on a  stitch holder.  These will be the stitches for the sleeve.
Knit to the third marker.  Take the
stitches between the 3rd and
4th markers and place them on another stitch holder.  Knit to the end of the row.  Continue knitting the stitches to the end of
the row.  Continue the body in
stockinette until it measures 13 ½ inches.
Work 10 rows of K1 P1 and then bind off.


Place the stitches for one sleeve
back on needles.  If you prefer not to
use DPN’s then you can use  2 sets of
circular needles instead to get the same results.  Join main color and work in the round.  *Work 8 rows and then at the beginning of the
next row knit 2 together.  Repeat  from the * until the sleeve measures 13
inches. Work 10 rows of K1 P1  and then
bind off.  Repeat for the other sleeve.

Hole Bands: 

Pick up 3 stitches for every four
rows along the left front cardigan edge for the button band.  Work 8 rows of K1 P1 and bind off.  Pick up the same number of stitches on the
right front side of the cardigan.  Work 3
rows of K1 P1 ribbing.  In next row  work eyelet
buttonholes in the places you would like them (Make eyelet buttonholes
by working  up to the place you would
like the buttonhole, then YO, K2Tog and continue to the next spot you  would like a button hole). Work four more
rows of K1 P1 ribbing and then bind off.

To finish the sweater weave in
all the loose ends and  attach your


2 thoughts on “Skull Sweater Pattern

  1. Oh my gosh I just love this sweater. I am 24 or so weeks along, and my baby will be a boy too, so I have been searching for fun “boy crafts.”

    (I found your blog because you entered my giveaway – thanks for playing and nice to meet you!)


    • Hi there,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I have been busy with my new little bundle which is why it has taken so long to get back to you. The SMS giveaway day is a blast. Your sites are are wonderful to go there. So much talent out there!

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