Spring Break

This March marks the second year of the the two week  spring break for my girls.  While they are super excited to have this much time off of  school I  have been dreading it a  little bit.  Not the spending time with my girls  part but definately the keeping them busy part.   With only three weeks to go until my official due date the pace I keep during the day  is quite a bit slower with  just Glory at home.  I’m not goning to lie,  I miss my naps.

So here we are at the halfway mark and in an effort  to occupy the girls I have dipped into my wealth of ECE resourses and  found some  great activities  to do with and for the girls.   Todays  activity is sidewalk paint.  Super easy and  a total hit with the kids.  They measure, mix and use this almost by themselves and  will spend literally hours outside painting and repainting the driveway.   It also has a realy nice consistancy  so the colors are bright and vibriant when they are applied the to pavement.

So here’s the recipe:

1 part Cornstarch

1 part Water

Food coloring

Mix until smooth and you have a super easy activity that will keep the little  ones (and not so little ones) busy.   Because the  cornstarch can be a bit difficult to stir at first  you might need  to help stir it,  and if you are anything like me you will DEFINATELY want to take full control help with adding the food coloring.

I will hopefully be back tomorrow with another activity.  Or maybe I will have a nap.  We’ll see what happens.


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