Every Girl Needs a Blankie!

Before I get started I would like to show you why I haven’t posted in a while.

If you are going to be busy can you think of anything better than this?  Anyway on to the blankie!

There are very few things that I have consistently done for all of my girls.  When I started with my first there were many traditions like the plaster handprints, first year calendars, scrapbooking every event and activity, and saving every single scrap of memorabilia.  As with most people, the more babies I had the fewer things that I have continued to do.   Now that we are on baby girl number four there are only two things that I continue to do.  The first is Baby’s first year calendar  (which I hate to the depth of my being).  The second is making sure that each girl has a special blanket.

I looked around for quite a while before Camryn was born trying to find a blanket that would be special.  There was not a lot to choose from so I decided to make one for her myself.  Making it extra special of course!

Here’s what I used:

1 meter of patterned cotton (I used Michael Miller material, love that designer!)

1 meter of minky fabric

1 spool of thread to match the cotton piece

1 spool of thread to match the chenille

6 inch piece of extra-large rick-a-rack (that’s what I call
it but I think it’s actually called something else)

Here’s how to make it:

Cut both pieces of fabric to the same size.  I wanted a larger blanket so it  would grow with Camryn  so my finished product is 1X1.3 meters. You can make yours whatever size you like.

Lay the fabric so the right sides are facing each other and then pin  the edges all the way around.  In one corner place the rick-a-rack, folded in half between the right sides of the fabric and the cut edges lined up with the cut edges of the fabric.

Starting halfway down on side of the blanket begin sewing the perimeter of the blanket leaving a ½ inch seam allowance. Continue until you reach about 6 inches from where you started sewing. Leave this area unsewn so you can turn your blanket right side out.

Turn your blanket right side out.  Using a knitting needle inside the opening (or whatever you have) push your corners and side seams out.  Ironing at this point will help the fabric
lay flatter when you topstitch and give you a much cleaner line when you are finished.  Tuck the edges of the opening in and iron that part as well.  Topstitch the blanket leaving
¾ inch around the edge.

The Rick-a-rack forms a loop that I use to secure it to my stroller or car seat using a plastic link.  When Lily was  a couple months old we lost her blankie on an outing and it still bothers me to this day so in an effort to be proactive I added the loop.  You can definitely leave it out if you want a loop free blanket.

Because this  blanket is super fast and super easy to make and also because I  got a fantastic deal on remnants at our fabric store I decided to whip one up for Sammy too.

However it did not fare so well once a boy from our neighbourhood go his hands on it.

Don’t be surprised if you see a post about appliques coming soon!


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