My Favorite Cream Cheese Frosting

Cream cheese frosting is definitely one of my favorites.  I love the sweetness and the tang of it.  I also love how versatile it is.  I use it for cinnamon buns,  carrot cake, a bunch of cupcake flavors, cookies, doughnut filling and more.  Best of all it’s easy to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1/2 cup cream cheese

1/2 cup butter

2 tbsp milk

4 cups powdered sugar

Mix the cream cheese, butter and milk together.  Gradually add the powdered sugar.  When the sugar is mixed in beat it on high for about 5 minutes until fluffy.

If you are going to just spread it that’s all.  If you would like to pipe it then  putting it in the fridge for about an hour  prior to use will make it much easier to work with.

If you would like to use it for cinnamon buns reduce the milk  powdered sugar by half.  This gives it a nice consistency  when you put it on the warm buns.

Depending on what I am using the frosting for I will add flavorings (vanilla, Lemon zest, Orange zest, Kahlua). One day I will tackle Italian butter cream,  marshmallow frosting and fondant too, but for now I will stick to my cream cheese frosting.


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