Goodbye Christmas!

I  love Christmas.  Like seriously love it.  My tree goes up mid-November, which  drives my poor  husband  crazy, so we I can  enjoy the  season for as long as possible.  So  when  Christmas  is  over I always feel a  little bit sad.  We  had a  wonderful Christmas but when boxing  day is here I want to take the tree down and put my  Christmas goodies away.  I want to  get  my home  back in order.

Along with the end  of  the  Christmas season comes the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.  While  it is a  time  for new beginnings I seem to fall into the same  patterns that most of  us do when It  comes to  resolutions: Go  big or go home.

This  time around I  am trying a new approach. I  have a few things that I  am going to work on this year. Things beyond the  lose weight and  get healthy resolutions of  years past. Here’s  my list:

Bloggy Goals:

I  am  shooting for 45 posts this year.  I have a ton of ideas for posts and I have started  a list of  crafts and  cooking projects I am  going to try.  Plus I  got a  serger and I am  super excited to  learn how to  use it.

Family Life:

This is always a  tough one for me.  Being the mom of  4  little girls doesn’t allow me too much time  to  do  Mommy dates with my  girls but my  goal is  to do a Mommy date with each of  my girls once a month.   Daddy gets  2 dates a  month  which will work out  well  because  for  Christmas the wonderful man  planned and  paid for 6 dates for us (ranging from  his and hers massages to a cooking class for us to do together – yes I  know I am lucky!)

Personal Goals:

Ok yes  losing weight is  on the list for this  year but not in  the crazy Biggest loser way that I  always think  I  will.  I  am  committed to  moving more and  eating less.  That’s it.  Easy peasy – Right? lol

How about you? Any resolutions you would like to share?  Goals for the  new year?



3 thoughts on “Goodbye Christmas!

  1. I am aiming to just live more simply.Less material abundance and more breath-relax-enjoy.This is going to be a challenge for me indeed.I love stuff and I love to shop.A sickness I am sure my mother handed down to me.
    And yes,I have to add the loose weight thing too.I want to feel strong again and not have to catch my breath climbing a few stairs with my laundry basket on my hip.Yes,seriously.Walking more and maybe Yoga.And cooking lighter and healthier.
    Its good for me a good for the whole family!Best of luck to you too with your goals!

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