How Not to Quilt: An Untutorial

Before I  begin the untutorial I would like to  mention a few things.

1. I  hate minky.

2. I have made one  quilt with a great deal of help.

3. I am a LAZY Sewist.

Ok here we go.

The Untutorial

Step 1: Choose a difficult fabric (preferably one that requires a higher level of  skill to work with than you currently have)

I chose minky to make this  quilt.  Minky is finicky. It is stretchy and fuzzy.  It  covers your clothes with fuzz and fluff. It gums up your sewing machine with fuzz and fluff, it covers every floor, desk and work surface with fuzz and fluff.

Step 2: Don’t  pin anything together before you start sewing. Seriously.

Rather than wasting time pinning fabric together  just sew.  This  will produce uneven seams and patterns but think of all the time you will save!

Step 3: Rather than fix your mistakes as you go leave them all to the end and then try to fix them by stretching the material.

This  will leave you with  uneven lines and edges  but again, think of all the  time you will save.

Step 4: Rather than attempting  to properly bind the quilt, use a rolled hem and cross your fingers.

Because the  fabric was so hard to work with I had no idea how to  do a traditional binding for it so I decided to wing it.  The  results were not good!  The edge I  sewed  is  so uneven because I was using 2  hands to hold the  hem in place  so I wouldn’t have to pin it.  Seriously.

Step 5: Go to the  store and buy a  gift to replace the quilt you were initially  going to  give your family member for a baby shower gift.

Do  you  ever  do something  and think to yourself afterwards “What was I thinking?”  That was totally  what this  was for me.  There were a few positive things though.  First of all I  got some experience working with minky.  Secondly i  learned the value of  pinning. Thirdly my  girls now have a  cozy blanky for their picnics.

So there you have it.  My first (and hopefully last) untutorial.  Please tell me  that  some of you have created disasters too?


4 thoughts on “How Not to Quilt: An Untutorial

  1. I think we have all created some disasters! I once tested a pattern that used minky and satin in the same quilt – it was beautiful when it was finished but the satin and minky definitely required some special attention! 🙂 Good for you for being able to smile at your mistakes!

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