The Sock Solution!

I  know you have one too.  A chore that  you hate to deal with.  A job in your home that never quite gets done. Being a large family  means that there are certain areas that desperately need to be organized  so I  don’t lose my mind and so that our house functions better.  Usually these are the things that I never get around to but this week I  tackled one of the many.  Allow me to introduce you to my biggest frustration:


At any given time in our house we have a FULL laundry basket  of socks.  While it’s great for building early math concepts (sorting and matching) and for starting  sock wars it is seriously annoying to deal with every laundry day. Because this  has been a problem in our house for so long I  decided we needed a better system for our socks and I  came up with a great one.  Rather than  going through  the  hassle of  pairing up socks every Sunday (the only time I seem to get around to finishing the 12 loads of laundry our  family generates) when I  am folding everything,  I  decided to implement a  snap system.


I  assigned each girl in our house a color (we used brown, pink, aqua and green) and  attached snaps to  each of their socks.  The socks  remain snapped together  when not in use, and they get  snapped back together after they are taken off  and put into the laundry (hopefully!).  Voila! No  more  sock matching.  This will also help to cut down on the fighting over socks (yes, my  kids fight over socks, they fight over a lot of things).  Easy Peasy.


All I needed to  do it were the socks we already owned, snaps, and a snap setter.  As my girls get older I  am going to  just buy a specific sock style for each girl and  continue to apply the snaps.


When I applied the  snaps I  made sure the  smooth flat part of the snap was on the inside of the  sock so little feet wouldn’t  be irritated buy a pokey part rubbing on ankles.  I  also placed them  on the inner ankles and not the heel, so that the  heel of the shoe wouldn’t rub on the snap.   Hopefully I will never see a  full basket of socks again.

Do you  have laundry issues? Something  in your home that needs to be tackled?


6 thoughts on “The Sock Solution!

  1. I hate losing small socks too so I’ve been using the net bags meant for lingerie to put the dirty socks in & then zip it up for washing. I still have to sort & match when I’m done but no missing socks to look for. Of course I don’t have the volume you do & my kids rarely wear their socks anyway. Great idea with the snaps!

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