Every Princess Needs a Tower

Ok,  princess I am not, but  Bedraggled, sleep  deprived queen of my tiny castle? You  bet.  If  you checked out my  last post,  you  know that we I  have some serious laundry issues. I don’t know about you  but I  find it impossible to  keep up on our laundry.  There always seems to be a  mountain of  laundry to wash and fold on any given day.  I  have been off on maternity  leave  for a  year and I am  heading back to work in a few short weeks which means that our laundry situation is not going to get any better any time soon.

I  spent a  lot of time thinking and  planning and pinteresting (is that a word?) and  came up  with  a great  solution. A  tower.  A beautiful laundry tower.  I  got the idea here.  Now  the original one   was designed to  be a dresser.  I  loved the idea and had my husband build me this:

Isn’t it beautiful? Well, you know, for a  laundry tower.  It  works perfectly  for  our family. Mom and Dad share the top one and everyone else gets their own. I  am hoping if I am a really  good girl that Santa will bring me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas so I  can apply some really cute  vinyl lettering, but for the time being I am going to use some patterned  scrapbooking paper to add an initial to  the front of each basket.

Having this lovely  creation has made a  huge difference in keeping our laundry  area clean and tidy. It  has also made it  easy to implement a laundry day for my two older girls.  Especially because  they can  just grab their basket throw it straight into the washer, the dry and then  take it right into their rooms to be folded and put away (insert blissful sigh  here).  Every little bit helps!

Do you have a  mountain of laundry?  Any  tips or tricks that help you keep it under control?


My Very First Giveaway!

Thanks so much  for stopping by!  As the title of this  post state there is in fact a  giveaway,  which is super exciting because it’s my very first one.   I  love my blog, small though it may be and I am hoping that  it is a place  people will enjoy coming.  I  really like  sharing the projects I am working on and  hearing what my readers are doing too.  So  in a shameless attempt to grow my  little blog I  am doing a giveaway.

When I  hit 25 subscribers to my blog and 50 to my facebook page I  will be giving away a copy  of  The Money Saving Mom’s Budget: Slash Your Spending, Pay Down Your Debt, Streamline Your Debt and Save Thousands a Year.  I  stumbled upon this  gem a few months ago and  preordered it immediately.  I  will be purchasing the  book from Amazon.ca and mailing directly to the winner.  I  have not been paid in anyway to  do this giveaway. I love this book and I  know that you  will see big differences in your financial life if you try even a few of the suggestions.

Money Saving Mom has a fantastic blog.  If you haven’t  checked it out you really should.  Mom or not  she  has a ton of ideas for saving money and  making your home run smoothly.  In  her book she offers  advice on a  whole bunch of topics from setting financial goals to  decluttering your home.  I have  read and reread this book and  I can’t wait to  give it to  one of my readers.

The really good news for you is that due to the low numbers I am looking for  your chances of winning are really good.  If  you would like to enter you need to do one of two things (although if you do both you will get 2 entries)

1. Follow my  blog, there is an email subscription button at the top right hand side of my  blog and leave a comment. Leave a  comment by clicking the  conversation bubble beside the title of my post.

2. Like Little Pink Cupcakes on Facebook  (I  promise I won’t  junk up your facebook page with a unnecessary posts) and leave a comment.

Easy Peasy right? As soon as we hit those magic numbers I  will use random.org to determine the winner and I  will mail the book directly to the lucky person.  It  might speed things up if you  pass this along to anyone  you know who might be interested in reading my little blog.   Thanks again for stopping by and good luck!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

The Sock Solution!

I  know you have one too.  A chore that  you hate to deal with.  A job in your home that never quite gets done. Being a large family  means that there are certain areas that desperately need to be organized  so I  don’t lose my mind and so that our house functions better.  Usually these are the things that I never get around to but this week I  tackled one of the many.  Allow me to introduce you to my biggest frustration:


At any given time in our house we have a FULL laundry basket  of socks.  While it’s great for building early math concepts (sorting and matching) and for starting  sock wars it is seriously annoying to deal with every laundry day. Because this  has been a problem in our house for so long I  decided we needed a better system for our socks and I  came up with a great one.  Rather than  going through  the  hassle of  pairing up socks every Sunday (the only time I seem to get around to finishing the 12 loads of laundry our  family generates) when I  am folding everything,  I  decided to implement a  snap system.


I  assigned each girl in our house a color (we used brown, pink, aqua and green) and  attached snaps to  each of their socks.  The socks  remain snapped together  when not in use, and they get  snapped back together after they are taken off  and put into the laundry (hopefully!).  Voila! No  more  sock matching.  This will also help to cut down on the fighting over socks (yes, my  kids fight over socks, they fight over a lot of things).  Easy Peasy.


All I needed to  do it were the socks we already owned, snaps, and a snap setter.  As my girls get older I  am going to  just buy a specific sock style for each girl and  continue to apply the snaps.


When I applied the  snaps I  made sure the  smooth flat part of the snap was on the inside of the  sock so little feet wouldn’t  be irritated buy a pokey part rubbing on ankles.  I  also placed them  on the inner ankles and not the heel, so that the  heel of the shoe wouldn’t rub on the snap.   Hopefully I will never see a  full basket of socks again.

Do you  have laundry issues? Something  in your home that needs to be tackled?

Organization Station

One of the worst areas of our home to maintain (aside from the kitchen) is the entry way.  It is so small that all it really takes to look like a disaster is a couple of pairs of shoes and a coat left on the floor.   However being a family of 5 it is NEVER just a couple of pairs of shoes and a coat.  If you add in the seasonal goodies like scarves, hats, sunscreen it is constantly  a mess.   In an attempt to control this area I had a great idea.

A couple weeks ago I made a few hanging organizers for our van.  Well they have been working well so far so I decided to add one to the entry way. I used a heavier canvas material that I found in the remnants bin at Fabricland.   As you can see from the picture the lines are on the less than straight side but they will work and it’s harder to notice when it’s hanging.

I also needed a more coat hooks and a bulletin board for displaying school stuff and reminders. I have had this old frame kicking around that a neighbour had given me after a garage sale last summer. I made a quick trip to Home Depot and bought one the sample sizes of paints that the sell for 4.97. Perfect for jobs that require a bit more than the small craft paints from Michaels. I still had lots left for the next project that pops into my mind. I also love this size of paint because they will “color match to whatever sample you take them so you don’t have to worry about finding the right color.

After painting the frame this “Zesty Lime” color I covered a piece of very thick cardboard with cotton batting and then this piece of fabric that also came from the remnant bin. I used a staple gun to attach the fabric section to the frame.  A few coat hooks, one spool of $.50 ribbon and some white thumbtacks and I had this:

When I put the two together this is what I had:

It’s perfect for us and has helped so much with the entry way. I made this fabric covered container and filled it with rice to stop the door from banging against the coat hooks. And of course I needed to make it match. So the fabric is the same as the message board. One more trouble area under control. Woo Hoo! Now to figure out how to get the kitchen to clean itself!