The End of Another School Year

This Wednesday marks the end of another school year for my oldest two girls.  It also  marks the beginning of a well deserved vacation for the lovely teachers who have spent the last 10 months teaching them.  I have a huge respect for teachers and when the  end of the school year rolls around I like to give a thank you gift to acknowledge all their hard work.

As the end June got closer and closer I  was still looking for gift ideas when my friend Small Town Girl  blogged about a gift she was making for her daughters teacher.  I thought it was a great idea and started looking around for an apron tutorial.  I found one here and got started.

Being a novice sewist this was a very straight forward and easy to follow tutorial that allowed me to make this:

and  this:

Aside from a few mistakes on my part I think they turned out quite well.  I love the colors and quite frankly I needed an excuse to buy this fabric that I had been  eyeing for a long time at the fabric store.

I  wanted to add  some thing to it  so that it  would be  more personal and the teachers would remember who had given it to them down the road.  I  decided  that I was going to try my hand at appliques.

I traced my Daughters hand onto a  piece of cardboard  from a cereal box. I then used that as a template  to cut a  piece of fabric, a piece of iron on interfacing and a piece of stitch witchery.  I ironed the  interfacing on and then placed the stitch witchery between the  hand print and the apron and ironed it on.  The final step was  doing a zig zag stitch around the outside of the hand print.  It looks pretty good.  The were a few rough patches around the tips of the fingers but overall I am pleased for my first attempt.

I just need to write her name and school year on it and it’s finished.  I am totally biased but I think the hand print is pretty adorable and adds  a personal touch to the gift.