Every Princess Needs a Tower

Ok,  princess I am not, but  Bedraggled, sleep  deprived queen of my tiny castle? You  bet.  If  you checked out my  last post,  you  know that we I  have some serious laundry issues. I don’t know about you  but I  find it impossible to  keep up on our laundry.  There always seems to be a  mountain of  laundry to wash and fold on any given day.  I  have been off on maternity  leave  for a  year and I am  heading back to work in a few short weeks which means that our laundry situation is not going to get any better any time soon.

I  spent a  lot of time thinking and  planning and pinteresting (is that a word?) and  came up  with  a great  solution. A  tower.  A beautiful laundry tower.  I  got the idea here.  Now  the original one   was designed to  be a dresser.  I  loved the idea and had my husband build me this:

Isn’t it beautiful? Well, you know, for a  laundry tower.  It  works perfectly  for  our family. Mom and Dad share the top one and everyone else gets their own. I  am hoping if I am a really  good girl that Santa will bring me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas so I  can apply some really cute  vinyl lettering, but for the time being I am going to use some patterned  scrapbooking paper to add an initial to  the front of each basket.

Having this lovely  creation has made a  huge difference in keeping our laundry  area clean and tidy. It  has also made it  easy to implement a laundry day for my two older girls.  Especially because  they can  just grab their basket throw it straight into the washer, the dry and then  take it right into their rooms to be folded and put away (insert blissful sigh  here).  Every little bit helps!

Do you have a  mountain of laundry?  Any  tips or tricks that help you keep it under control?


5 thoughts on “Every Princess Needs a Tower

  1. yep – add me to the mountain list! we have a basket for the boys in the bathroom for them to put their dirty clothes in (and they are boys, so they manage to get lots of things dirty!). We have a larger one in our bedroom for hubby and I. The clothes are usually nicely in the baskets… it’s when it’s all washed and dryer that the mountain happens – can Chris build me a laundry folder?

  2. This is a fabulous idea. The Anal Retentive Concrete Sequential Obssessive Compulsive Neat Freak Organizer in me is sooooo envious!

  3. I love these dressers! I have also pinned them in the past. But we don’t really have room at the moment in the laundry as there is so much other junk…
    the one thing that helps keep our laundry under control is to always set a load before bed to finish just after breakfast. Only works if you can delay the start tho. I don’t like wet washing sitting un the machine overnight.

    • I think they are such a good idea. We only have a laundry closet so this was a great solution for us. No more mountains of laundry on the floor. We will definitely be looking for a washing machine with a timer next time around. Thanks for stopping by!

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